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Children in a classroom learning about fire safety. Red Deer Archives P4660, cropped

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find specific records in The City of Red Deer digital archives collection?

You can enter any search terms you want to in the top right hand “Search” box and it will find any records with that key word in it.

To help you in your search:

  • Fewer and shorter words create more results (“map” versus “map of Red Deer”)
  • Use wildcards (✱) to find different spellings and endings (horse✱ finds horse, horses, and horsecart)
  • Use the subjects to narrow down your search


How can I find records similar to one I have already found?

You can often navigate to similar records using the metadata fields. Above, to the left, or beneath each record, you’ll find a list of metadata (information about the record). If the field is purple, you can click on it to find other records that came at the same time (accession number), from the same creator (photographer or creator fields), or are part of the records from the same person or organization (fonds).


I’m looking for additional records on a specific topic. Is more information available?

Our online collection contains only a small portion of the entire collection. We have about 150,000 images, 4000 videos, 2000 maps, and about 2 kilometres of textual records altogether and only a fraction of that is available online at this time. Many resources are needed to scan and upload records into a digital collection.

Please contact us at archives@reddeer.ca or stop by during regular business hours for assistance with other records we may have about your research topic.


I have a record that says it’s from the Red Deer Archives but when I try to look it up online, I can’t find it. Why?

Some scanned images have been rescanned and assigned new numbers. As well, some records have copyright restrictions which mean they can’t be shared on this site. If you send a copy of your photograph to us at archives@reddeer.ca we may be able to help you find an updated scan and identifier number for you.


I think some of this information is wrong. How can I fix it?

While we’ve done our best to share correct and complete information, we know that it’s not perfect—yet! If you have anything to add to a record or if you have a correction, we want to hear from you. Please email us at archives@reddeer.ca with the Identifier number in the email and the information you want to add or change, or call us at 403-309-8403.


Tell me more about the Red Deer Archives

The Red Deer Archives section of The City of Red Deer acquires, preserves and makes available to the public both municipal and community records.

The Archives is the official repository of City records of enduring historical value. The Archives also acquires records from numerous clubs, organizations, churches, businesses, individuals and families in Red Deer and the surrounding communities.

Come down to the Archives to see the current featured exhibit, conduct research, or deposit your historic records.


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday  9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Closed Statutory Holidays

Closed between December 26, 2023 to January 1, 2024 (inclusive)


Contact Information

Reference Phone: 403-309-8403
Email: archives@reddeer.ca

4725 49 Street
Red Deer, AB   T4N 1T6

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The City of Red Deer acknowledges the Indigenous traditional territories represented by Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 as the land the Archives is situated on. This land is also a historic Métis gathering site.